There must be many of you who change your smartphone every year. The smartphone market in India is growing very fast and after China, it is also the biggest market for smartphone manufacturing companies. Smartphone sales are on boom during the festive season. People buy phones on sale or after seeing their friends but later regret it. Today we will tell you five important things that you should keep in mind while buying a smartphone, otherwise, you may suffer loss.

5G connectivity
Currently, it is the era of 5G. In such a situation, there is no point in buying a 4G phone. If you are also buying a new phone, then make sure that it supports a 5G network. Don't make the mistake of buying a 4G phone just to get it cheaper. Also, check how many 5G bands are supported by the phone you are buying. Do not buy the phone if it supports less than 8 bands.

According to a report, 76% of the people buying a new phone buy the phone keeping the performance in mind. You should also take care of this. While buying a new phone, definitely get information about the chip used in it. Check its clock speed, connectivity, camera support, etc. Apart from this, definitely check the graphics also. If you are buying a phone for gaming purposes then definitely check the chipset and graphics.

In today's time, it is very important to have a good camera with the phone. Nowadays good cameras are available even in cheap smartphones. Give preference to a phone with at least a 48-megapixel rear lens. Apart from this, also check whether the phone has a portrait lens or portrait mode or not. This is very important nowadays.

Now most phones come with at least 5000mAh battery. There is no point in buying a phone with a battery of less capacity than this.

Fast Charging and Charger
Many major mobile brands are not providing chargers with their phones nowadays. If you are okay with buying a charger separately, then there is no problem, but if it is not so, then buy the phone with which you are getting the charger (adapter). Also keep in mind fast charging.

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