Benefits Of Green Gram: Everyone's Immunity Week happens in the winter season. Because of this people fall sicker. Due to cold, many people are troubled by colds and coughs and fevers. But we can strengthen our immunity system by including some healthy things in our diet. Today we are going to tell you about green gram which is very good for your health. Green gram is easily available in the market. So let's know about the nutrients of green gram and its benefits.

Nutrients present in green gram
Green gram, which is easily available in winter, is very beneficial for health. Nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fibre, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin E are found in them.

Benefits of green gram
Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C present in green gram boosts your immunity. Because of this, you stay away from many diseases. If you also want to boost your immunity in winter and want to protect yourself from cold and cold, then include green gram in your diet.

Good for digestive system
Fibre is found in abundance in green grams. Green gram is very beneficial for those people who have stomach problems or whose digestive system is not well. Green gram is also beneficial for those who want to lose weight. If you want to keep your digestive system strong and stay healthy, then definitely include every gram in your diet.

Cholesterol is also good
Nutrients are found in abundance in green grams. Which are very good for health. By consuming green grams regularly, your cholesterol level remains fine and the heart remains healthy. Those who want to take care of their heart, then eat green gram.

How to consume a green gram
Green gram is very healthy. You can also eat them by making chaat. For this, finely chop onions, tomatoes, and green chillies and mix green gram in it, squeeze lemon and add salt as per taste. They look very tasty to eat. Apart from this, you can also eat it raw and can also make vegetables of green gram.