Proper care is necessary to enhance the beauty and glow of the skin. For this, women like to try many things on the face, which include facewash, moisturizer, night cream, scrub, etc. as well as facials. Facials work to improve the skin by cleaning the facial pores and removing spots and freckles. It is better to get facials done in an interval of one or two months. There is a different facial for every skin type. By getting the right facials, the colour of the skin becomes clear, as well as skin becomes shiny. Otherwise, there can be an opposite effect on the face. Today we are going to tell you how to choose the right facial according to your skin type.

Oily skin
There are many types of problems with oily skin. People with oily skin are often troubled by pimples, acne, and blackheads. Apart from this, due to oily skin, sometimes the complexion also seems suppressed. To enhance this skin, choose such facials, which are herbal, as well as help in removing skin problems. If facials have properties like neem and turmeric, then they will be more beneficial. Facials containing moisturizers and creams are not good for oily skin.

Silver facial for oily skin
This facial will purify the skin. In this facial kit, you will get a cleanser, glow scrub, gel, cream and facial pack which will give an instant glow to dull and oily skin. Silver facial brings back the natural glow of the face and prevents the formation of blackheads by unclogging the pores. Silver facial takes 40 to 1 hour.

Dry skin
Due to dry skin, the skin looks very dry, due to which the face looks very dull. Usually, even after using a lot of products on dry skin, there is no glow of any kind because, after makeup, the makeup starts to crack due to dryness. In such a situation, people with dry skin types should choose such facials, which are hydrating. Along with moisturizing the facial skin with deep hydration, it helps in removing freckles and pimples. Dry-skin people can also opt for fruit facials as they will moisturize the skin.

Plant Stem Cell Facial for Dry Skin
With this facial, your skin will start to look young because in this the plant cell goes deep inside the skin, which heals the damaged skin cell. It slows down the signs of facial ageing. The Plant Stem Cell Facial Kit contains an exfoliator, serum, cream, mask and under-eye gel. It takes 1 hour to do this facial.