Bali is such a tourist spot whose beauty makes the whole world crazy. Bali has a special relationship with India, but there is also a gathering of Indian tourists here. It is famous as a honeymoon destination in India. But there is bad news for those coming here for travel. According to reports, a decision has been taken not to provide motorbike facilities to tourists in Bali. Couples or tourists visiting the place take motorbikes on rent to visit it, but it has been decided to discontinue this facility.

This is why motorbikes will not be available for rent in Bali
People take motorbikes in large numbers to the most attractive tourist spot in Indonesia. But because of this traffic remains disrupted and traffic rules are also being flouted. Bali's Governor Wayan Koster decided to ban rental tourist motorbikes. There is a plan to implement this ban by the end of this year. However, it is not clear how it will be implemented.

According to police records, around 171 foreigners violated traffic rules in the last month of February and the beginning of March. There are a large number of motorbikes that do not even have legal number plates. Not only this, but the number of road accidents in Bali has also increased a lot.

Let us tell you that Bali is a famous tourist destination which is rich in a beautiful beach, culture and stunning landscape. There is an influx of travellers here throughout the year and that is why tourism plays a big role in Bali's economy. After Corona, the tourism industry here suffered a big setback, but now slowly things have become normal again here.