You must have heard this saying that where there is love, there is also estrangement. But you can also take measures to reduce this estrangement. Especially if you are quarrelling with your partner on every matter or your thinking is not in sync with each other, then you can adopt some of the remedies of alum mentioned in astrology.

We have asked Pandit and astrologer Vinod Soniji about these remedies. He says, 'Alum represents Venus and Venus is mainly the factor of worldly pleasures like a female planet, libido, semen, love lust, appearance beauty, attractiveness, wealth, business etc.'

In such a situation, you can sweeten your relationship with your husband or lover by adopting the miraculous measures told by Panditji with just Rs.10 alum.

Alum in the bedroom

If you are troubled by the quarrels happening with your husband, then before sleeping in your bedroom, keep some alum under the pillow. You can also do this under your partner's pillow. Along with this, if you want, keep a bowl full of alum in your room and change the alum every 15 days. Make the old alum flow in flowing water. By doing this you will find that sweetness is coming into your relationship.

Alum in handkerchief

It is also auspicious to keep alum in a red coloured handkerchief. If there have been misunderstandings between you and your lover, then to reduce them, you can keep alum in a red handkerchief. By doing this misunderstandings will be removed and mutual understanding will also increase. If someone is trying to create a quarrel between you two, then his wish will also not be fulfilled.

Bath with alum water

If you are not getting ideas from any family member or husband about anything and there is a situation of distress in the house, then you should take a bath with alum water regularly. With this positive energy will enter inside you and if the mistake is from your side then you will be able to rectify it. If you are not able to do this regularly, then you must do this on Friday.

A sprinkling of alum water in the house

If there is an atmosphere of conflict in the house regarding something and the conversation has also stopped, then you should sprinkle alum water regularly in the house. You can also wipe the floor of the house with alum water. By doing this, the atmosphere of the house will be fine and people will be able to understand each other's words.

Keep alum in a purse

May there be positive energy around you. For this, you must keep alum in your purse. By doing this, your energy will also reach your partner and if there is any estrangement between the two of you, then it will improve. Not only will this, but the mutual understanding between both of you also increase.


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