Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite popular in the last few years. As good as it seemed in the beginning, now it has become equally bitter. In many cases, the use of AI is better but it is being used mostly for wrong purposes. With the help of AI, millions and crores of fake content are being created every day and this content is being shared on social media and video streaming platforms. Now to stop this, YouTube has issued a new guideline.

YouTube's new guidelines for AI content
YouTube has said that now there is no place for AI content on its platform, that is, if you share videos, photos, or anything created by AI on YouTube, then YouTube will remove or label such videos. The new update on YouTube states that if content creators upload AI content, they will have to declare that this content has been created through AI, otherwise, the video will be removed.

YouTube gave information in the blog
YouTube has given detailed information about this in its blog. YouTube has said that if a user is watching the content, it will tell him that this content has been created with the help of AI. There will also be an option for an AI label in the description. YouTube has also said that action will be taken against creators who do not follow the new guidelines. The content will be removed or monetization of that channel will be stopped.

Ad blocker closed on YouTube
YouTube blocked the ad blocker on its platform earlier this month. YouTube has said that if someone watches a video by blocking ads through an ad blocker, he will be given three warnings and after watching three videos, his account will be blocked. YouTube has also been accused of spying on users under the guise of ad blocker tracking.
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