US medical device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has halted the trial of the Covid-19 vaccine. In its statement, the company said that the company has taken this step after a person became ill during the trial. "We saw signs of illness in one participant, after which we stopped the Phase III clinical trial," Xinhua said in a statement on Monday.

It is reported that the patient's condition is being reviewed and evaluated by doctors.

Based on our strong commitment to safety, all clinical studies conducted by Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Company have guidelines that we would stop clinical trials if an unexpected serious adverse event occurs, the company said in a statement. Huh. After this, all medical information is carefully reviewed before deciding to start the trial again.

The company, however, did not say what adverse impact the participant had during the trial.

This is the second vaccine trial in the US that has been stopped. Earlier, the AstraZeneca vaccine trial was stopped due to a participant falling ill in the UK.