The time of maximum months has started from today. This month comes after 32 months, 16 days, and 4 hours. It is also known as Malamas, Malimluch Maas and Purushottamas, etc. along with Adhikamas. According to religious beliefs, in a total of 12 months, Varuna, Surya, Hiranyereta, Diwakar, Bhanu, Tapan, Chand, Ravi, Gabhasti, Aryama, Mitra, and Vishnu are called 12 friends. But the vast majority of these are known differently. Talking of more months this year, this time this month will start on the 18th of Ashwin month and will run till 16th October. Many things should not be done in these days. In such a situation, some people of this month are also considered inauspicious. But due to this month being considered as very dear to God, during this time there are many things which are considered very auspicious to do. So let's know in detail about this month ...

So let's first know the meaning of Kharma ...

Khar means bad and month means month, it is called a bad month. In such a month, it is forbidden to do any auspicious work this month. Earlier people considered this month as very inauspicious. But even after this, Shri Vishnu Ji conferred this month with his name i.e. Purushottam. In such a situation, this month was considered as Purushottam month after being considered very popular with Shrihari.
Forbidden to do these things

Marriage is strictly prohibited throughout this month. It is believed that marrying this month does not make married life happy. In this case, the relationship does not last long.

Do not start a new business

As stated earlier, during this period one should avoid doing auspicious things. In such a situation, any new work and business should start before or after Malamas. Otherwise, the business does not run well. Also, you have to face problems related to money. Apart from this, one should also avoid investing in any place.
These works are also forbidden

It is not considered auspicious to do any malicious works during this time. Mundan with marriage, buying and buying a new house, investment of money, transaction, buying any new thing, etc. is prohibited. It is believed that doing any of these works at this time may face future losses.

Do these things

With Malamas being the beloved of Srihari, all this attention should be devoted to their devotion. Along with this, more and more time should be spent in fasting, charity, sacrifice, worship. It is believed that the worship of this time gives immense blessings to Shrihari. Also, it is very auspicious to do Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra and Bhagwat Katha Shravan. Apart from this, going to pilgrimage places in Purushottam month, worshiping and bathing has special significance.