Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma are very happy with the arrival of their first child. To keep his personal life private, now this power couple has made a special request to the paparazzi of Mumbai to respect their privacy and do not click the daughter's photo. Virat and Anushka have also sent gifts to the photographers. Photographer Viral Bhayani has shared a video of the gift which Virat and Anushka have sent to him and his team.

It can be seen in the 'Unboxing Video' that Virat has sent Viral Bhayani and his team some sweets of Bombay Sweet Shop, dry fruits, some dark chocolate, a scented candle and a note. A special request to all the photographers who have been continuously following pregnant Anushka Sharma for several days before the birth of their daughter, Anushka and Virat wrote, "Thank you very much for keeping us in love for so many years. Khushi We are very happy to celebrate these moments with all of you.

But as parents we want to make a very simple request to all of you. We want to protect our child's privacy, for which we need your Help and support is needed. q Virat and Anushka jointly issued a statement and wrote, "We have always made sure that you all get every content related to us. But we both request you to join our baby girl. Do not take any content (do not take pictures) nor broadcast it. We hope you will appreciate our feelings for which we are thankful to you. "