During vacations, people go out to restaurants and enjoy eating and drinking. Nowadays, restaurants have also started opening according to the theme, due to which people have started having many options in choosing the restaurant. Usually restaurants are famous because of their special dishes and taste. But, there are some restaurants in the world which are more famous for their design than their delicious food. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about some famous floating restaurants which will give you the pleasure of eating and drinking while floating on water. You too will be shocked to hear or see their structure. Among these restaurants, one restaurant from India has also been successful in making its place.

Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Kerala
Kerala's Veli Lake floating restaurant is famous all over the world. This beautiful floating restaurant is located in the middle of a village situated on a lake, at a distance of 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram. The biggest specialty of this restaurant is that only the spices found in Kerala are used in the food served here.

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant, Hong Kong
The world's largest floating restaurant is Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong. 2300 people can have lunch and dinner together in this restaurant. This floating restaurant is considered one of the most attractive places in Hong Kong. The specialty of this restaurant is that it also has a shopping mall and park. This restaurant has been serving delicious dishes to the people for the last 30 years.

The McBarge Restaurant, British Columbia
The McBarge Restaurant of British Columbia is also prominent among the floating restaurants of the world. Actually, it was not built from the perspective of a restaurant, but as a tourist place. Gradually its kitchen became famous, where burgers and potato fries were served to the people. After this, people started knowing it because of its excellent tasting dishes.

Rooster Dhau, Dubai
Dubai's Rooster Dhow is also included in the world's largest floating restaurants. The specialty of this restaurant is that instead of remaining stationary at one place, it keeps moving around. In this restaurant, 397 people can have lunch and dinner at a time. This floating restaurant is made of wood and is completely air-conditioned.

BBQ Donut Restaurant, Germany
Germany's BBQ donut is a special place in itself in the floating restaurant. The name of this floating restaurant is taken from two food items. This restaurant has a floating table, where you are served food. Here you can enjoy picnic during holidays.

C Restaurant, Vancouver
Vancouver's Sea Restaurant is also unique among floating restaurants. The main attraction of this restaurant is the dining room made of plastic. The identity of this restaurant floating in water is that it is made of plastic. About 1700 plastic bottles and cedar wood have been used as material to build this restaurant.

The Murinsal Café, Austria
The Murinsal Café in Graz, Austria is also a popular floating restaurant. This restaurant has been created by Bito Akansi, a New York artist. This place is great for drinks, coffee and cocktails.

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