Punjab, the homeland of the Sikh population in India, is located at the western end of the country. Punjab is known for its rich culture and exuberance. But what makes Punjab special is the flavourful food here. The food of Punjab is liked not only by the natives but also by foreign tourists. It is said about Punjab that this state belongs to the people who eat and drink. Every city here has its taste and smell of food. Different regions of Punjab have unique and distinct flavors. If you are also planning to visit Punjab, then do not forget to taste the delicious dishes mentioned here. Let us know about these famous local dishes of Punjab which win the hearts of everyone with their taste.

Mustard greens
It cannot happen that tourists come to visit Punjab and do not taste mustard greens. Talking about the taste of mustard greens, it is famous not only in Punjab but in India. One thing is certain the talk of eating mustard greens in Punjab does not happen anywhere else. The subtle flavors of spinach, mustard leaves, pure desi ghee, and other foods from Punjab make this a healthy and delicious dish.

Butter Chicken
Butter chicken is made from boneless chicken meat. It is also known as Murga Makhani. Firstly the chicken is marinated with curd and spices. After which it is cooked with butter, cream, tomato puree, and spices like garam masala, cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

Punjabi and lassi go well together. A classic Punjabi lassi thick in taste that leaves a soothing aftertaste. The taste of lassi from Jaggi's shop in Bathinda can make you a fan. If cold lassi is available in the summer season, then the body gets a lot of satisfaction. This shop has been running for 70 years. People come here not only from Punjab but also from other cities to drink lassi.

Jalandhar Jalebi
Indulge in sweet-as-sin pleasures while savoring spicy dishes. Jalandhari Jalebi is a sweet delight available in all the by-lanes and by-lanes of Jalandhar. Made from a delicious flour batter, these jalebis are fried in a pan of boiling oil and dipped in sugar syrup. It is a traditional sweet enjoyed in different parts of the country, but especially sweet in Jalandhar. It melts in your mouth with ghee, saffron, curd, and cardamom, and leaves a divine taste.

Tandoori Naan
The trend of Tandoori Naan, available almost at hotels, started in Punjab. That's why eating naan in Punjab has its fun. In Punjab, you will get to eat Naan in many varieties. In different types of naan, you will also find paneer, chicken, and potato-cabbage-filled naan.

Dal Makhni
Dal Makhani is a famous dish of Punjab. Which is usually made at festivals. Boiled black beans to make Dal Makhani After cooking lentils and kidney beans together, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and spices are added to it. Then cream, butter, and coriander leaves are added to it and cooked. It is usually served with rice or naan.

Chhale Bhature of Punjab is very famous in North India. You can enjoy it with your family on the weekend. The taste of the Chhale Bhature of Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana is unique. You must have eaten Chole Bhature in many restaurants, but if you want, you can enjoy its taste by making it in your kitchen in a few hours.

Paneer Tikka
Referred to as vegetarian's chicken, paneer tikka is a delectable, flavourful, and succulent paneer dish that holds a special place in the hearts of Punjabis. Mixing gram flour, various spices, lemon juice, etc. in curd, marinating it well, and frying it on a pan in a tandoor or open stove, this dish creates such feelings in food lovers, which can not be compared to any other emotion. Can be done Only a food-lover can fully understand it.

Rice and beans
The staple food of Punjab, Rajma Chawal is one of its amazingly delicious and mouth-watering dishes that you must try. It is made in almost every Punjabi household. The combination of rajma with plain boiled rice or jeera rice is nothing less than a heavenly experience. Enjoy it with mint or coriander chutney, onion pickle, mango pickle, and crushed papad.

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