Mahashivratri is on 8 March 2024. On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, devotees go to visit the temples of Mahadev and offer prayers. There are many Shiva temples, ancient Jyotirlinga, and pagoda in India, where the glory is famous abroad. Shiva devotees are also not limited to India only, Mahadev's devotees are also inhabited abroad and are looking for temples to see Bholenath on the occasion of Mahashivratri. If you want to visit the ancient temples of Shiva established abroad, then first know which countries will have to travel to and what is the specialty and history of these Shiva temples.

Prambanan Temple Indonesia
There is an ancient Shiva temple in Java, Indonesia, which is famous as the Prambanan Temple. This temple was demolished in the 10th century. Situated 17 km from the city, this Shiva temple is quite grand and beautiful. The main three temples in the temple complex are Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and of Lord Shiva. The three Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh's idols are facing east. There is a temple related to it in the west direction in front of the main temple. The temple is dedicated to the vehicles of God. For example, there is a swan in front of Lord Brahma, Garuda in front of Lord Vishnu, and the temple of Nandi Maharaj in front of Lord Mahadev.

Many other temples are built in the Prambanan temple complex. There are four rooms inside the Shiva temple, where one has a huge statue of Lord Bholenath. In the second, there is a statue of Agastya, a disciple of Lord Shiva, in the third, the idol of Goddess Parvati, and in the fourth is installed. To the north of the Shiva temple is the temple of Lord Vishnu and in the south is the temple of Lord Brahma.

Munneswaram Temple, Sri Lanka
The Munneswaram Temple is located in Sri Lanka, the neighboring country of India, where Lord Shiva is seated. The history of the Munnevaram Temple is associated with the Ramayana period. According to religious beliefs, Lord Shri Ram Chandra ji worshiped Lord Shiva at this place after killing Ravana. There are five temples in this temple complex, the largest of which is the largest temple of Lord Mahadev. Later, the Portuguese also tried to harm the temple twice by attacking this temple.

Katasraj Temple Pakistan
There is also a temple of Lord Bholenath in India's neighboring country Pakistan. The temple is located 40 km from Pakistan. The temple's name is prevalent as the Katasraj temple due to being situated on the hill of Katas in Pakistan. It is believed that in the mythological period, Lord Shiva was extremely unhappy with the fire samadhi of Mother Sati, then her tears fell in two places, which led to the construction of Katasraj Sarovar at one place and the other Pushkar Sarovar came into existence.

Shiv-Vishnu Temple, Melbourne, Australia
The city of Melbourne, Australia is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, which was built around 1987. The temple was inaugurated by 10 priests from Kanchipuram and Sri Lanka. The architecture of the temple is a good example of Hindu and Australian traditions. Apart from Lord Shiva and Vishnu, other Hindu deities are also worshiped inside the temple complex.

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