You must have seen many storms in the sea. But you have also seen such storms which made your soul tremble. There are some such dangerous storms in the world, seeing which you will remain standing at your place for once.

1. Typhoon Nancy - The maximum speed of this storm is recorded at 345 kilometers per hour. Which is considered to be the fastest speed in history so far.

2. Typhoon Violet - The speed of this storm is 330 kilometers. This is a tropical storm. Which takes the form of a terrible tornado with the waves of the sea.

3. 9 Hurricane Katrina - This storm rises at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour and lasts for eight days.

4. Typhoon Sally - Its speed reaches up to 314 kilometers per hour. This is one of the worst storms of all.

5. Typhoon Tip - The more dangerous this storm is in appearance, the more destruction it creates. Due to this storm, there is a heavy shower of rain and lightning along with the high waves of the sea.