Every day lakhs of people take the help of Indian Railways to move from one place to another across the country. A vast network of Indian Railways is spread across the country. It works to connect the small villages of the country with the big cities. There would hardly be anyone who has not taken a train ride. During the train journey, many people travel in the general class and many people in the reserved class. But do you know that Indian Railways gives you tickets as well as many other facilities which people are not able to take advantage of due to lack of information? Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about some of the free facilities available on the train. Let's know...

Doctor and treatment facility in the train
If a passenger's health deteriorates while traveling in trains with a reservation facility, medicine is provided free of cost by the Railways. TTE has medicine on the train. Some trains have doctors who treat sick people. Trains that do not have the facility of a doctor. Railway provides him with the facility of a doctor at the next and bigger station. No fee is charged from the passenger for this. The doctor's facility is free.

Free Waiting Room Facility
Most of the people traveling by train wait for the train sitting on the platform itself, but do you know that the passengers waiting for the train at the railway station get the facility of a free waiting room? If you have a valid ticket, then you can take advantage of this without spending any money. After taking a valid ticket, you can use the waiting room free of charge during the daytime, 2 hours before the arrival of the train and 2 hours after the end of the journey. Wherein, its time is 6 hours in the nighttime. Apart from this, in case of train delay, you can use the waiting room till your train arrives.

The ticket can be transferred to another member of the family
If a person has booked his ticket and his ticket is confirmed but he becomes unable to travel. So he can transfer his ticket to the name of any family member. The condition is that the person whose name the ticket is to be transferred should belong to the family of the person who booked the ticket. Transfer of ticket can be done before 24 hours of train journey and not after that. A person unable to travel can transfer his ticket to his mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, wife, and wife. For this, he has to go to his nearest railway station and give his identity card along with the ticket.

Free Wi-Fi on Platform
Indian Railways provides free Wi-Fi facilities to its passengers and any passenger can use free internet for half an hour on the platform without spending any money. After using the free internet service for half an hour, passengers can take a plan of their choice from RailTel. 5 GB data is available on the platform for Rs 10 and 10 GB data for Rs 15, which has a validity of one day and a speed of 34 MBPS. Apart from this, 10 GB of data is available for 5 days for 20 rupees. This facility is available at most of the stations in the country.

Cloakroom facilities
On behalf of the Indian Railways, the passengers are provided with the facility of a clock room at a nominal cost. If you have a valid ticket, you can avail of this facility and keep bags, travel bags, etc. in the cloakroom. For the clock room, a charge of Rs 15 has to be paid for the first 24 hours and in this, passengers can face Rs 10 per unit. After this, for the next 24 hours, Rs 20 and Rs 12 per unit will have to be paid. If you keep the goods for more than 2 days, then you will have to pay Rs 25 per day for the cloakroom and Rs 15 per day for each item.

Very cheap insurance
Indian Railways also provides the facility of insurance to the passengers who have bought the ticket, though a nominal fee has to be paid for the same. You can also get your travel insurance by paying 49 paise at the time of booking tickets. Under this, compensation of Rs 10 lakh is given for death or disability in an accident during the journey. Whereas, on partial disability Rs 7.5 lakh compensation, and on hospitalization up to Rs 2 lakh free treatment is available.

Ticket upgrade facility
Provides facility to upgrade railway tickets while booking a train. That is, if the seat is available, the ticket for sleeper passengers can be upgraded to 3rd AC, 3rd AC ticket to 2nd AC and 2nd AC ticket can be upgraded to 1st AC ticket. The ticket upgrade option is available at the time of booking the ticket. There is no fee for opting in. If you have opted for ticket upgradation, your ticket doesn't need to be upgraded.