If you are bored of seeing the common destinations of Himachal Pradesh like Shimla, Kasauli, Kullu, Manali, etc. then don't be disappointed. Because we have found some hidden new tourist spots for you.

Those hidden tourist spots of Himachal Pradesh, are very beautiful.

Himachal Pradesh Hidden Tourist Destinations: People who are fond of traveling are always in this search to find new places. Many people come face to face every time with only that destination of a city, which everyone knows and likes to go there again and again. This is because they do not know about many beautiful destinations in the city.

If you are also such a traveler who is bored of seeing the common destinations of Himachal Pradesh like Shimla, Kasauli, Kullu, Manali, etc. then do not despair. Because we have found some such spots for you, which are rarely discussed, but in beauty, they are not less than other tourist destinations. If you are thinking of staying somewhere in Himachal Pradesh and are in search of peace, then here we are going to mention some such spots, about which no one knows.

1. Shoja

Shoja is a hill station in Himachal, which is no less than heaven. This place is famous for birdwatching, camping, and natural beauty. If you want to enjoy some new spots in the Himalayas, then you can make up your mind to go to Shoja.

2. Renuka Lake

Do you know that Renuka Lake located in the Sirmaur district is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh? Renuka Lake is one of the hidden secrets of Himachal, about which very few people know. This whole area is a beautiful mix of nature and man-made things. According to Hindu religious texts, it is also the birthplace of the sage Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

3. Prini

Prini This place is a tranquilizer for travelers seeking peace and natural beauty. This beautiful Himachali village located in the Kullu district is home to a beautiful waterfall. Prini is full of paddy fields, greenery, and beautiful wooden houses.

4. Karsog Valley

The Karsog Valley, which comes in the lap of the Himalayas, is no less than a gem. The entire valley boasts beautiful apple orchards and deodar forests. If you want to avoid crowded areas, then you can go to Karsog.

5. Janjehli

Whenever you come to Himachal, definitely include this place in your trip plan. No one will tell you about this hidden beautiful place. Janjehli is a grand green hilly region, which is full of natural beauty. This valley is about 70 km away from Mandi.

6. Chindi

Have you heard about Chindi? If not, then next time include it in your Himachal trip. This offbeat spot in Himachal is situated on the Shimla-Mandi highway and is about 90 km from Shimla. This place is also home to temples like Mahunag and Mamleshwar Mahadev.

7. Baraut

Barot, located in the Mandi district, is an ideal destination for those interested in outdoor activities. This village is known for breeding trout fish. There are many fishing farms here, where you can sit and enjoy fishing.

8. Barog

You can stay in the Solan district to see the beautiful Barog. This beautiful area is situated on the Kalka-Shimla highway.