Street Food In Lucknow: Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, is famous for its delicious food. The local delicious dishes here are liked all over the world. Lucknow is very famous for kebabs. However, now Lucknow is developing as the biggest street food hub. Leading destinations for delicious street culture were recently identified in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2023, which explored the emerging Indian street food hubs.

During this period, 63 percent of experts considered Lucknow as a major street food destination. Kolkata came in second place, which was considered a better place for street food by 57 percent of people. While Amritsar and Indore's street food was included in third and fourth place. Street food culture is growing rapidly in Lucknow. Famous street foods will be available at many places here. Let us know about those places in Lucknow, where you can taste delicious street foods.

Chatori Gali
Chatori Gali is near the 1090 intersection in Gomti Nagar. It is clear from the name itself that various types of dishes are available to eat on this street. You can taste all kinds of street food here including Potato Twister, Soya Chaap, and Momo.

Aminabad is the oldest and biggest street food place in Lucknow. Kebabs, Dahi Bade, and Faluda Kulfi are quite famous here. Those who come to Aminabad for shopping should taste the street food here.

In Hazratganj of Lucknow, the aroma of delicious dishes spreads in the streets in the evening. On the streets of Hazratganj, you will be able to eat five water golgappas, crispy kachoris, ras malai, and matka biryani.

In the Kapurthala area of Lucknow, delicious Veg Parantha, 12 Pani Gol Gappa, Chole Bhature and Masala Shikanji, Bhelpuri, Kulhar Pizza etc. are available. You can go to Kapurthala to enjoy street food in a budget.
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