Women are not less than men in any field. She is shoulder to shoulder doing all the work which was once said that only men could do it. Similarly, nowadays women also like to travel alone.

There was a time when women did not go out of the house without a man. But today such a time has come when women plan to travel abroad alone. In today's article, we are going to tell you about some places where women can go. Women can travel to these countries alone.


As beautiful as this place is to look at, the people here are equally nice. Women travelling alone will not have to face any problems here. Attacks on women are also very rare here. This place is considered quite safe for women even at night. The safety score here is 7.70. a>


The place of Ireland in this country is considered safe for women. The crime rate against women here is also much lower as compared to other countries. The most special thing here is that even if you are travelling alone, no one will look back at you. The survey also revealed that there is less male dominance here. The security rank here was set at 7.88.


Switzerland, a beautiful country in Europe, here too women can roam without any worries. Here everyone behaves courteously with others. Girls or single women can travel happily here.


Singapore, a small island in Asia, is also considered the best country for women's safety. Here 92 percent of the women say that they never felt any fear while going home at night. It is quite easy for women to travel alone here.


The most special thing about this country is that women's safety is given a lot of importance here. Due to this, strict steps have been taken to ensure that untoward incidents do not happen in the country.


The fifth name in this list comes from Canada. This place is also considered safe for women to travel. This beautiful cool country provides equal protection to everyone. One can travel here alone even at night.

Image Credit- Freepik, Insta