In 1993, the semi-final of the Hero Cup was played between India and South Africa. Batting first in this match, the Indian team started poorly. 4 wickets of the Indian team had fallen for 53 runs. In this match, the Indian team could only score 195 runs in 50 overs and South Africa got a target of 196 runs to win.

Chasing the target from India, the South African team had lost 3 wickets for 60 runs. After this, Hudson scored 62 runs in 112 balls for South Africa and handled his team. The bowlers bowled very well in this match for India. It was getting difficult for the South African team to score runs.

The last over of this match was very exciting. In the last over, South Africa needed 6 runs to win and had 2 wickets left. At that time, Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin surprised everyone by sending Sachin Tendulkar to bowl. On the first ball of Sachin's over, the batsman played a shot at extra cover and the batsman was out for the second run.

The South African team did not get any runs on the second and third balls. 1 run was scored on the fourth ball and then the fifth ball went empty. South Africa had to score 4 runs on the last ball to win. But Sachin gave only one run. In this way, in the last over, Sachin Tendulkar bowled amazingly to win India in the semi-finals. This match was very exciting.