Ration Card News: If you also have a ration card and you take advantage of a free ration from the government through it, then this news is for you. Some media reports and social media are claiming that ineligible ration card holders are being asked by the government to surrender the cards. Along with this, the government is also thinking of recovering from the ineligible. It was also informed in the news that legal action will be taken against such people. Now a statement has come from the government on this.

No order given
Any such rumour has been curbed by the UP government. In the last few days, this news spread rapidly among the beneficiaries. Not only this but lines of those who surrendered their ration cards were also seen in some districts. But now no order has been given by the government to surrender or cancel the ration card. This is pure rumour. Lakhs of beneficiaries have got relief after the statement of the government. The State Food Commissioner also ordered that action will be taken against the person who spread this rumour.

Misleading reports are being circulated
Putting an end to the rumours, the State Food Commissioner said that ration card verification is a normal process. This is done from time to time by the government. Misleading reports related to ration card surrender and new eligibility conditions are being circulated. Along with this, it has also become clear that no recovery of ration will be done by the government.

What is the rule?
The 'Eligibility/Ineligibility Criteria 2014' of household ration cards was prescribed. After that, no changes were made. Apart from this, allotment of ration cards has been done based on the 2011 census only. A ration card holder cannot be declared ineligible based on having a pucca house, electricity connection or being the sole arms license holder or motorcycle owner and engaged in poultry/cow rearing.