They give loans online in the first few minutes and hack the phone by installing applications in the name of getting loan approval. Everyone down from the phone also steals personal data. By sending obscene messages to the relatives and friends of the borrowers, the borrowers are then blackmailed. Nowadays most of the youth are active on social media. In such a situation, the advertisement of many online apps that give loans comes in front of them. In such a situation, the youth take small loans ranging from 3 thousand to 10 thousand as a small loan, and without going anywhere, the loan is approved from the mobile, but many times it has to pay a heavy price.

Contact list also reaches hackers

In a few minutes, the loan lenders install the application for loan approval and get all the conditions implemented, in which the personal data of the customer is also hacked and the contact list also reaches the hackers. Your phone's photo video also gets hacked. In place of the given loan, sometimes a double amount is charged. When the customer does not pay double the amount, obscene messages are sent to the relatives of the borrower of the loan. Along with this, they also threaten to share the personal photo of the customer on social media. Blackmail being done even after repaying the loan

One such case has come to light from Rajgarh where Gaurav Bhadauria had taken a loan through the online app rupyking fair many apps. The loan taken by the youth was also repaid. Despite this, obscene messages are being sent to the family members of the youth. Along with this, the youth is also being blackmailed. If he does not pay more, then his data will be shared on social media. In this way, the youth is being threatened. Obscene messages are also being sent to Gaurav's family members. Gaurav has applied to Rajgarh SP that he is being harassed.

4 days ago youth committed suicide in Indore after taking a loan from the online app

To play online games, Jitendra had taken three loans of seven thousand from the online app. On non-payment, the loan was continuously pressurizing Jitendra and abusing Jitendra by calling him. Jitendra was being blackmailed that if he did not return the money, he would abuse his family members. Being tortured, Jitendra committed suicide. Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexpert Shakeel Anjum says that not everyone should take a loan from the app and before accepting all the conditions before taking the loan because hackers steal all the data of your phone by installing the application to get the loan approved...