Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made it clear that his country will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power under any circumstances. In a way, Bennett's statement is also a signal to America that if it makes any kind of nuclear deal with Iran, then it will not be acceptable to Israel. In a program, he also gave warning to America without naming it. Not only this, the former government and PM Netanyahu were also surrounded.

Bennett said- 'If the world makes a deal with Iran to stop its nuclear program, then Israel does not necessarily support it. The mistake we made in 2015 will not be repeated. We fear that Israel will not accept any deal. Israel also feels that Iran has come very close to making nuclear weapons.

After becoming prime minister, Bennett had not shown such a strict attitude towards Iran. Then he had said – if there is a deal to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program, then Israel will also support, but on Tuesday he backed out. One of these also means that perhaps the thinking of America and Israel is getting different about Iran. Bennett also accepted this and said - this is a difficult time. At this time there may be differences with our close friends as well. Certainly, Israel will not be a part of any deal.

Israel believes that Iran is close to making an atomic bomb and wants to stop it before that. Some Israeli defense officials say that Iran should be attacked by the summer because Iran is about to gain such capability that it will be out of Israel's air reach.