Twitter Blue Tick Service: After becoming the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk started a pad subscription for Blue Tick. Under this subscription, if you want a blue tick then you have to take Twitter blue subscription every month or year. If you do not do this then the blue tick will be removed from your profile. Well, not just Blue Tick, there are many other benefits of this subscription as well. Recently, Twitter introduced its Blue Tick subscription plan in India as well. The prices for the web version were announced in India at that time and the price is Rs 650 per month. Along with this, Android and iOS users have to pay a fee of Rs 900 per month for this service. Till now only the monthly plan was introduced, but now an annual plan has also been introduced. Twitter has made the annual plan live for iOS users. Let us know the details of this plan.

Twitter Blue Annual Plan for iOS
Twitter Blue's annual plan for iOS users has gone live today, February 27, 2023. The price of this annual plan is Rs 9,400. Please tell me that earlier only the monthly plan was available. Also, make it clear that Annual Plan. Now only available for iOS. It has not yet been introduced for Android. There is still only a monthly plan for Android, which costs Rs 900. However, an annual plan is available for web users, which costs Rs 7,800 annually. A discount has also been given to the website user in the annual plan, for which a discount of Rs 1000 is being given. This means that for the annual subscription to Twitter Blue, they will have to pay only Rs 6,800.

How to Buy Twitter Blue Subscription?
If you want to get a Twitter Blue subscription, then open the Twitter app on your iPhone. You will see the menu option as soon as you swipe right. In the menu, you will also see the option of 'Twitter Blue' along with other options. As soon as you click on this option, the new price of Rs 9,400 will be shown to you. However, Android users will still see the price of Rs 900 here.