The warning is being issued repeatedly regarding the fourth wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic. A person who is vulnerable to this variant can infect 18 people simultaneously and now a new study has made even more shocking revelations that the Covid-19 virus can be found in 5 types of food.

sticks to 5 types of food for weeks.

The study by FSA (Food Standards Agency) claims that Kovid-19 spreads through food as well. FSA's study shows that the virus of Covid remains sticky on some types of food for a week. In a study conducted in collaboration with the University of Southampton, the food on which the matter of sticking the virus has come to light is very common. Let's know what those things need to be cautious of.

Cheese and paneer are high in moisture, protein, and saturated fat, which can provide protection against viruses. But this is possible only when it is fresh. The study found that the COVID virus was still present in cheddar cheese kept in the refrigerator for a week.


The virus of Kovid remains on bread and pastry for several hours. The wire stuck on them gradually disappears. In finding the reason behind this, it was found that the liquid egg wash covering prevents the virus from spreading. Because arachidonic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids present in eggs have antiviral properties.

Plastic container food

The coronavirus can survive for several days on plastic bottles and cans, but only for a few hours on aluminum packaging. In such a situation, avoiding food packed in plastic can help in eliminating the risk of covid infection.

COVID virus has also been found in meat stored in the refrigerator for a week. The protein, moisture, and saturated fat present in it can protect against the virus. But eat it fresh, meat stored for a long time can cause covid infection.


The Covid virus can survive for days to days in broccoli, peppers, and raspberries. Viruses remain in the crevices of such foods for a long time. Due to this people can get infected by eating them.