Speaking on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of Russian King Peter the Great, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at which country he was targeting after Ukraine. Putin's desire to occupy Sweden now after Ukraine was indirectly expressed by the example of King Peter.

Three-and-a-half months into the Russian-Ukrainian war, no results have been forthcoming.

Fighting is still raging, with Russian President Vladimir Putin signaling his intention to target Sweden. Speaking on the occasion of the 20th birth anniversary of Peter the Great, King of the 19th century in Russia, Putin said: "People thought that Peter was fighting to usurp the lands of the enemy, but in reality they were not seizing the land, they were reclaiming Russia's land." Referring to the establishment of St. Petersburg on Swedish-occupied land, Putin said it was time to take back Russian land.

Putin indirectly threatened the Baltic states, calling Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania part of the great Russian Empire. Since these countries are active in NATO, Putin has hinted that they are enemy countries. Sweden and Finland want to join NATO. The two countries are likely to gain entry into the organization at the next NATO summit. Because of this, Putin showed an aggressive attitude towards Sweden and Finland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted at a war of attrition against Ukraine, with Russian dictator Peter the Great reclaiming his land. In the same way that Peter established Russia as a new imperial power in Europe, Putin himself did the same in world politics.