Yoga is very important to remain physically and mentally healthy. Yoga reduces hormonal imbalance and also improves the fertility of women. Yoga has not just one but many benefits. To stay healthy, one must do yoga for half an hour every day. Different yoga asanas benefit health in different ways. Many yoga asanas are effective in boosting women's fertility and improving period health and overall health. Here we are talking about some yogasanas that improve fertility. Women must include these asanas in their routine in 2024 so that health is maintained and fertility improves.

How to do Malasana for women

  • Malasana is also called Garlan's Pose.
  • This is a squatting exercise.
  • First of all to do Malasana
  • To do Malasana, first of all, stand straight.
  • Move both legs away from each other.
  • After this, bend your knees to come into a squat position and move your hips towards the ground.
  • Keep the spine straight and the hips towards the ground.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and exhale.
  • Then come back to the original position.

Benefits of doing Malasana for women

  • Malasana is considered very good for fertility.
  • This creates strain in the pelvic area. Due to this, it becomes stronger.
  • This asana is also beneficial for boosting fertility.
  • This relieves constipation and is very good for digestion.
  • Malasana reduces pain in the knees, joints, back and stomach.
  • Practising this asana during pregnancy helps in normal delivery.

Method of doing Bhujangasana for women

  • This is also called cobra pose.
  • First of all, lie down on the ground.
  • After this, place your palms on the floor at a distance of shoulder width.
  • Keep the lower part of the body on the ground and breathe.
  • Lift your chest off the floor and look toward the ceiling.
  • Exhale and come back to the original position.

Benefits of Bhujangasana for women

  • This asana helps in keeping the uterus healthy.
  • This asana increases blood flow in the uterus and improves the quality of the ovaries.
  • It is good for reducing arm fat, belly fat and belly fat.
  • It keeps the body relaxed and removes stress.
  • This strengthens the muscles and keeps the lungs healthy.
  • This relieves constipation and gas. Hunger also increases.
  • This asana helps relieve back pain.

Method of doing Padahastasana for women

  • To do this asana, first stand straight on the mat.
  • Now take both hands above the head.
  • Do not do this immediately but do it gradually.
  • Release the breath outward.
  • Bend the body from the waist and bend down.
  • Keep the upper part of the waist straight.
  • You have to bend only the lower part of the waist.
  • Now touch the feet with both hands.
  • Try to rest your head on your knees.
  • Do this for a few seconds and then inhale and come back to the original position.

Benefits of Padahastasana for women

  • This asana is very good for boosting fertility.
  • It relieves stress and calms the mind.
  • This asana increases blood flow in all parts of the body.
  • This asana is also very beneficial in removing the problem of hair fall.
  • Doing this improves digestion and reduces belly fat.
  • This asana is very beneficial for the brain, heart and liver.
  • You should practice this daily.

To stay healthy in 2024, include these yogasanas in your routine. If you have any health-related problems.

Image Credit:Freepik