Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine bends to one side. Generally, it affects the upper part of the spine and causes curvature of the lower back. When there is a problem of scoliosis, the pain increases and the situation of surgery arises. However, spine problems can be reduced in natural ways. Yoga is an effective way to get rid of spine-related problems. According to a study, just practicing yoga for 90 seconds at least three days a week can provide relief from the problem of scoliosis. The report claims that the situation can improve in just 3 months. However, the spine is a serious condition, hence before practicing any yoga, definitely take the doctor's advice and practice yoga only under the supervision of a yoga expert.

This is the yoga that provides relief from spine problems.
Side Plank (Vashishthasana)

In the case of scoliosis, one should practice Vashishthasana. Practice side plank on the weak side of the spine. To practice this yoga, first, sit on the ground in a Dandasana posture. Then keeping the left hand on the ground, put body weight on it. Now place the left foot on the right foot lift the right hand and place it on the thighs. Remain in this position for a few moments while breathing in. Later, exhale and come back to normal position.

Yoga to get relief from spine pain

Marjorie seat

If there is pain in the back or spine then do Marjari Asana. To practice this, come on your knees and hands and keep your spine lifted. While inhaling, move the head towards the ceiling and bend the navel part of the body downwards. While exhaling, place the chin on the chest and lift the spine. Practice this asana four to five times.

To practice this asana, stand straight on both your legs and keep your hands joined to the body. While inhaling inwards, take the hands above the head and pull them upwards. Then while exhaling, keep the spine straight. During this, bend forward while keeping the knees and hands straight. Now place your hands on the floor or try to hold the ankles.

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