Back and waist pain is normal but sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Slip disc is caused due to sitting in the wrong posture for hours, wrong lifestyle, and eating habits. Slip disc is a health condition in the spine, which can usually be caused by bone damage and injury.

Nowadays, the complaints of slipped discs are increasing among the youth. According to a report, about 80 percent of the youth in India are troubled by the problem of slipped discs. Operation is considered to be the last treatment in case of slipped disc complaints. However, this problem can be identified in time and the right treatment can be taken. Yoga is also an effective treatment process for this. Practicing some yogasanas can be beneficial in reducing the unbearable pain caused by slipped discs.

In this article, information is given about some yogasanas to reduce the pain caused by back pain or slipped disc.

This asana is done at the end after the practice of any yoga. This is a difficult asana, which can be done properly with practice. The practice of Shavasana improves the body and internal energy. Shavasana can be practiced to reduce the pain caused by slip discs.

Bhujangasana puts pressure on the upper bones of the spine. In this yogasana, the shape of the body is like a snake with a raised hood. Bhujangasana can be practiced to relieve back pain and make the body flexible.

The practice of Ustrasana is effective in removing spinal problems. In this asana, the body is in the posture of a camel. To do the asana, the body is bent backward. Spinal problems are relieved due to pressure.

The practice of Shalabhasana provides relief from slip disc and back pain. To do this asana, the spine is bent by lying on the ground on the stomach. By doing the asana correctly, one can get relief from many problems.