You must have used rose water many times, it is very beneficial for the skin, as well as improves the taste of many recipes, but do you know that rose oil is also beneficial for our health? It is kept in the category of essential oil. Many types of properties are found in this oil including antiseptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, antiphlogistic and antiviral. Let us know how it can be useful for you, and what is the method of using it.

Benefits of rose oil
1. With the help of rose oil, you get relief from body pain, apart from this, many types of pain also disappear.
2. If you are under stress, you can improve your mood by using rose oil.
3. With the help of rose oil, it is easy to heal wounds quickly.
4. According to much research, it arouses sexual desire in women and men
5. Antiseptic properties are found in this oil, which protects us from germs.

How to use rose oil?
Rose oil is usually quite expensive, but highly effective. It should be diluted whether you smell it or apply it to your skin. Let us know what are the ways to use it.

1. Rose Oil Bath
For a rose oil bath, mix 10 drops of rose oil in a carrier oil and then put it in a hot bathtub, and then take a bath in it, it will prove to be very beneficial for the skin.

2. Foot Bath
Add a few drops of diluted rose oil to a small tub and soak your feet in it for about 10 minutes. This will make you feel very relaxed

3. Smelling
By smelling rose oil, your tension or any kind of stress disappears. Along with this, the heaviness of the body also starts going away.

4. Rose Oil Massage
The body is massaged with rose oil, which makes the body feel very relaxed and many types of pain disappear.