Good sleep is very important for good health. For good sleep, one should sleep for seven to eight hours. However, in today's busy life, one may feel tired but there is no sleep. Due to changes in people's lifestyles, people stay awake till late at night. Nowadays, due to phone addiction and the habit of watching social media and TV, most people remain awake till late at night. Due to this, they do not get good sleep and their health is adversely affected. In such a situation, you can get a good sleep at night by doing some yoga and stretching before sleeping. Yoga and stretching relieve your stress. Along with relaxing the muscles, it also helps in making the body flexible. In such a situation, for good sleep and a healthy mind and body, do these yoga asanas before sleeping at night.

To get relief from sleep problems, you can practice Shalabhasana yoga half an hour before sleeping at night. To do this asana, lie down on your stomach and place both palms below the thighs. Now join the heels of the feet together and keep the toes straight. Then take a deep breath while raising your legs. After remaining in this position for some time, come back to the previous state.

To get rid of the problem of sleeping at night, you can practice Shavasana regularly. This yoga can also be done before sleeping at night. To do Shavasana, lie down on your back and keep a distance of one foot between the two legs. Then, while leaving the body loose from the feet towards the toes, breathe comfortably and leave the entire body loose. This asana provides relief to all the tired muscles and shoulders.

With regular practice in Uttanasana, you will soon see a difference in sleep. To do this asana, stand straight. Now take a long breath move both hands upwards and exhale. Then move the hands down towards the ground and try to touch the toes of the feet.

If you cannot sleep at night, you can practice Balasana. By doing this asana the mind remains calm. To do Balasana, sit in Vajrasana pose and while inhaling, raise both hands straight above the head. Then exhale and bend forward. Keep the palms and head on the ground. Now while inhaling and exhaling, join the fingers together and place the head gently between the two palms.

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