World Environment Day 2023: The first focus of people at marriage parties is to look beautiful and stylish. In the race to look stylish, people shop for outfits for every different function and event and this is being seen even more in marriages. Apart from wedding lehenga-sherwani, turmeric, and mehndi, music means as many functions as many clothes. But people wear expensive wedding clothes only once or twice. After that, they keep on throwing dust in the wardrobe. Every time the desire a different look, we buy new outfits and do not repeat them more than once, this habit is also harming our environment along with waste money. According to statistics, 57% of any garbage is filled with clothes only. You will be surprised to know that the amount of water a person drinks in 3 years is spent making just one pair of jeans.

When you don't wear old clothes and throw them away, they become part of the garbage. Which takes many years to decompose. Which is very harmful to the environment.

How is fast fashion harming the environment?
If you do not know, then let us tell you that oil industries cause maximum pollution in the world. The second number is the fashion industry. Fast fashion, as the name suggests, involves wearing clothes for a short period. They are available cheaply and their production is very fast. A lot of waste comes out of making such clothes and this waste contaminates the environment. Many of these products are also such that their quality is not perfect but a lot of money is spent in making them. Earlier, clothes were designed according to the season, while clothing companies are now bringing new clothes every week. Due to being cheap and fashionable, people buy them, but as soon as they become out of trend, they stop wearing them.

Social pressure is the main reason for the promotion of fast fashion
Due to social pressure not to repeat clothes and less wear of old trend clothes, wardrobes are overcrowded with clothes and sometimes they are discarded.

Harm to the environment due to fast fashion
All over the world, shipping and international air travel cause more air pollution than the air pollution caused by only greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane coming out of the textile industry. Every year 5.30 million tonnes of cloth yarn is produced out of which 70% goes directly to waste.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester and acrylic are made from plastic polymers. They can take up to 200 years to decompose.

- Only acrylic can be recycled in synthetic clothing, but this process is not easy, due to which recycling is reduced.

Synthetic fabrics like satin are water-repelling. This means that water does not stand on the surface of these clothes. Because of this, more water is also needed to wash these clothes.

Dyeing is done to color the clothes. In this, about 20,000 tonnes of water is used in a year. After dyeing, this chemical-rich water goes directly into the rivers and drains and spreads pollution.

What is sustainable fashion?
It is a fashion that is eco-friendly. This not only benefits the fabric maker, but it is also very good for your skin. It causes less harm to the environment because fewer pesticides, chemicals, and water are used to make it.

Sustainable fashion focuses on changing clothes according to the season rather than making and changing according to trends and you can style the same clothes in different ways. The quality of the fabric is also good in this. With sustainable fashion, you can make a very important contribution to saving the environment.
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