World Alzheimer's Day is being celebrated today. In this disease, with age, the problem of not being able to remember things, difficulty in conversation, and solving problems starts. Generally, the risk of this problem is seen to be higher in people above 60 years of age. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia. This disease can start with memory loss and cause many problems in life.

Knowing the symptoms of Alzheimer's, there is a need to know about this disease in detail to avoid it or get proper treatment. World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated every year to make people aware of Alzheimer's disease and to prevent this brain problem from increasing. Let us know the history, importance, and this year's theme of World Alzheimer's Day.

When is World Alzheimer's Day celebrated?
World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated every year on 21 September. This day is a global effort to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease. The entire month of September is celebrated as World Alzheimer's Month.

History of Alzheimer's Day
World Alzheimer's Day was celebrated for the first time in 1994. The World Health Organization and Alzheimer's Disease International began observing World Alzheimer's Day on September 21, 1994.

Why is Alzheimer's Day celebrated only on the 21st of September?
This day is celebrated on the occasion of the anniversary of the international organization related to Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Disease International Organization was established on 21 September 1984. Later it was proposed to celebrate World Alzheimer's Day in Edinburgh on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this organization.

Alzheimer's Day theme
Every year, Alzheimer's Day has a special theme, based on which awareness programs are run. A month-long campaign runs for awareness of Alzheimer's disease. This year the theme of World Alzheimer's Day 2023 is, 'Never too early, never too late.'

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