Some such things have been mentioned in our religious scriptures which we have been following for centuries. Not only this, the things written in the scriptures have some benefits. One such thing is getting up before sunrise. In the scriptures, getting up before sunrise i.e. in Brahma Muhurta has been described as beneficial in many ways.

It is believed that this not only keeps your body healthy but also gives you many benefits mentally. According to the scriptures, the last hour of the night is called Brahma Muhurta. Our sages have also explained the special importance of this Muhurta.

According to them, this time is the best time to wake up from sleep. Come; let us know from astrologer Anil Jain of Narada Sanchar for what reasons it is good for you to wake up before Brahma Muhurta i.e. sunrise.

Wake up in Brahma Muhurta before sunrise

Waking up in Brahma Muhurta gives form, strength, knowledge, intelligence and health. One should get up before sunrise considering the Brahma Muhurta, which is about one and a half hours before sunrise. Brahma means 'supreme element or supreme soul', and Muhurta means 'favourable time'.

The time of the last hour of the night i.e. from 4.00 to 5.30 in the morning is called Brahma Muhurta and it is good for you to wake up at this time. If we believe in astrology then getting up in Brahma Muhurta is very beneficial for life.

This keeps our body healthy and energetic throughout the day. According to Valmiki Ramayana, Shri Hanuman had reached Ashok Vatika in the Brahma Muhurta in search of Mother Sita. Where he heard the chanting of mantras by the experts of Vedas and Yagyas and he was able to locate Sitaji.

Astrological benefits of getting up before sunrise

According to astrology, getting up and going for a walk in the Brahma Muhurt brings life-giving energy to the body. This is the reason why the wind blowing at this time is said to be like nectar. Apart from this, this time is also considered best for study because when we wake up in the morning after resting at night, there is a communication of energy and freshness in the body and mind as well.

The doors of major temples are also open only in Brahma Muhurta and there is a law to worship and decorate God in Brahma Muhurta only. Knowing the religious, mythological and practical aspects and benefits of Brahma Muhurta, if you start waking up daily at this auspicious time, you will get better results. A person who wakes up in Brahma Muhurta becomes successful, happy and prosperous because by getting up early one gets enough time for the day's work.

Scientific reasons for getting up before sunrise in Brahma Muhurta

According to Ayurveda, the best time to wake up in the morning is Brahma Muhurta before sunrise. Traditional cultures that were attuned to the circadian rhythms of nature suggested waking up before sunrise.

The circadian clock, or circadian rhythm, is the natural internal clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. This is repeated approximately every 24 hours. Different systems of the body follow circadian rhythms.

Sunrise represents a change in your circadian cycle. Thereby, melatonin levels fall, cortisol and vitamin D levels rise, digestive enzymes are produced, and blood sugar levels rise to meet the metabolic needs of the day. About 90 minutes before sunrise there is a period called Navaswan, which is the time just before the sky turns from dark black to the first sign of brown.