Bra is a necessity for women, but do you know that most women wear the wrong bra for their size? There are many types of bras in the market and it is very important to choose what you like from bras like lining, underlining, wired, seamless, padded, cotton etc. and wear the right bra according to your breast.

You must have seen while buying a bra that many bras have a line in the cup and many do not. Many of you might have forgotten this thinking of it as a difference in design, but in reality, it is related to the comfort and breast shape of the bra. How the shape of your breast will look depends on the lining of that bra. So let us tell you today what the meaning of this line is and what the difference between its presence and absence is.

What does a bra with lining mean?

If the cup of your bra has a separate lining, it means that extra fabric has been applied from that place. It gives extra coverage and if you are worried about your nipples being visible then it will not be a problem. This mostly happens in cotton bras, but many padded bras also have this lining. These are stitch marks which come out while applying extra cloth.

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This material is applied so that the cups of the bra do not appear transparent. There are also partially lined bras in which the stitching is done in the middle of the breast cups. This means that half the cup is covered with the extra cloth and the other half is not. Most T-shirt bras and push-up bras are lined. They try to make your breast shape look more attractive by pumping it up.

What does an unlined bra mean?

An unlined bra means no fabric is given for extra protection and this type of bra either has double-layer protection all over the cup or it is not there at all. This unlined bra helps in giving natural shape to your breast and you can easily use them for daily wear. The good thing about this type of bra is that they are very lightweight and airy. In many, even semi-transparent cups are given.

Yes, they do have less coverage due to the lack of extra protection and with unlined styles, you can sometimes worry about nipple coverage. In such a situation, either you take this bra padded in which the protection of the pad is already given or else you wear many layers on top along with wearing it. It can also be thick fabric, so choose a bra according to the fabric.

Some of these bras can be quite sexy as the natural shape of the breast is more prominent in it. In addition, some of these unlined styles also feature transparent fabric or lace.

These are more visible in full cup or demi cup styles. Most bralettes also come in the angle of an unlined bra.

Choose by cup size

You must know that bras come in different cup sizes. Cup A is for smaller breasts and cups D, E, and F are for larger breasts. In this case, if your cup size is bigger, then the natural shape will look better and in this case, an unlined bra should be worn if your cup size is small, then a lined bra can prove to be better.