There are many interesting stories related to the Mahabharata period and the fierce battle of Kurukshetra that we share with you every week on Wednesday. Just like that, today we have brought another story. However, this is more of a question than a story.

The question is that Shri Krishna was not only a relative of the Pandavas, his favourite but also his best friend as well as an advisor. Pandavas also always obeyed Shri Krishna. In such a situation, why didn't Shri Krishna stop Yudhishthira from gambling? If Shri Krishna had wanted, the Pandavas would not have gambled, there would have been no war and no destruction.

When we asked our astrology expert DrRadhakant Vats about this, he told us many interesting facts which were thought-provoking. Today, based on those facts, we are going to answer this question. Surely knowing this you will also enjoy it a lot.

Primary reason

  • According to the scriptures, Duryodhana and Yudhishthira made gambling the basis of religion. In this game, where Duryodhana acted with discretion, Yudhishthira indulged in discretion and arrogance.
  • Just as Duryodhana did not understand this game, he took the support of maternal uncle Shakuni, in the same way, if Yudhishthira also retreated and brought Shri Krishna forward, this game would have been between Shakuni and Shri Krishna.
  • After which we all can guess in whose favour the result would have come. But Yudhishthira considered himself to be a master of this game and did not even discuss it with Shri Krishna.

Second reason

  • It is described in the Mahabharata that when Shri Krishna himself had come to meet the Pandavas before the game of gambling, the Pandavas had stopped them from coming to the court. What happened was that the Pandavas knew in their hearts that gambling was a bad game and they were afraid that Krishna would not support them in this.
  • Pandavas wanted to play this game by hiding from Shri Krishna, but where can anything be hidden from God? But on being told by the Pandavas that you will come only when you are called, Keshav, and Shri Krishna stayed in Arjuna's room. For this reason, he could not stop the Pandavas.
  • However, it is also clear that if Krishna had then stopped Yudhishthira from playing gambling, then his goal of incarnating in Dwapara Yuga would not have been fulfilled because then there would have been no gambling, no Pandavas would have lost, no Mahabharata war would have happened, and no Pandavas would have won Shri Krishna. Krishna could have re-established religion by killing the unrighteous.

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