Bad diet and deteriorating lifestyle are making people a victim of obesity. Obesity is such a disease due to which the risk of heart, kidney, high blood pressure and diabetes increases. To reduce their increasing weight, people sweat for hours in the gym, control their diet, and even undergo bariatric surgery, even then people do not get rid of stubborn obesity. If you are also troubled by obesity, then first of all pay attention to your diet. Include foods rich in fat and fibre in the diet. These foods reduce weight fast and also keep the body healthy. If you are also worried about increasing weight, then first of all start the day with healthy and fat-burning juice. There are some juices which can be used to control weight easily. According to Ayurvedic expert Acharya Balakrishna, weight can be easily controlled by consuming juices of some vegetables. Come let's know from the experts which juices to consume to control weight.

Control weight with gourd juice: (Control weight with gourd juice)
Gourd juice proves to be very effective for weight loss. Bottle gourd juice is rich in iron, vitamins, potassium and fibre which keeps the stomach full for a long time. Weight can be easily controlled by consuming it in breakfast. Consuming this gives relief from constipation and keeps digestion healthy. To lose weight, you should consume a bottle of gourd juice daily.

Drink spinach juice for weight control: (Drink spinach juice for weight control)
Nutrient-rich spinach juice proves to be very effective in controlling weight. Consuming this juice rich in fibre and vitamins on an empty stomach in the morning keeps the body healthy. This juice prevents many diseases including cancer and colitis and improves digestion. Spinach juice is very beneficial for weight loss.

Consume beetroot juice: (Consume beetroot juice)
If you consume beetroot juice on an empty stomach in the morning, then weight can be easily controlled. This nutrient-rich juice controls obesity, as well as reduces the risk of many diseases. Consume this low-calorie juice daily.