Baarle: A city like you never dreamed of. Hey, don't worry! This is not a scary place. Actually, some speciality of this city is different. Everything here is not one but two. Two post offices, two large churches and two town halls. Not only this, some people have two countries in their house. So welcome to this unique city of Europe, Barley. The city falling between two countries is no less than a big puzzle.

One part of this city falls in Baarle Nassau of Netherlands while the other part falls in Baarle Hertog. This is the unique reason for this city. But how did this happen? So let us tell you that in 1198 two dukes i.e. rulers agreed to divide a small piece of land into many parts. This place is the result of that agreement.

How do people find out?
Actually, in which country people are standing - they find out by looking at the ground. You will see the borderline on the ground, on one side of which Belgium and Netherlands are written. In which country the house of the people is, decides their main door. But sometimes the door falls in both Belgium and the Netherlands. In such a situation, it would be difficult to tell in which country the house is. For this, flags have been put up outside people's houses.

Two countries in one house
Many people have both countries in their homes. Some people either have a kitchen in Belgium or a bedroom in the Netherlands. Even more interesting is that the people here pay taxes to two different countries. That is, the tax on the Belgian part of the house goes to that country and the tax on the other part goes to the Netherlands.

The police of two countries in one station
The surprising thing is that police officers from two countries work in the same police station in this city. However, no police officers in the countries can see each other's system. Surprisingly, food is cheap in the Netherlands and cigarettes, drinks and supermarket shopping are cheap in Belgium. But the people of Barley know where they have the most fun when they go to the store.