In architecture, there are some rules about where to keep everything in the house. If you are keeping artificial flowers in your house, then according to Vastu Shastra, there are some rules about where to keep those flowers. If you follow these rules, you will reap huge financial benefits. If you follow these rules, the negative energy in the house will also go away. There is a special rule for planting trees in the house according to some similar rules of architecture. Man plays a lot in nature, that's why everyone tries to create greenery in the house. But if this attempt is not successful, some people grow artificial plants at home. There are also some rules for these artificial plants in architecture.

Keep artificial plants clean

Often people keep ornamental plants and flowers in the house but do not pay much attention to their cleanliness. Doing so leads to negativity in the home and unknowingly creates unrest in the home. If you plant colorful plants in the house to decorate the house, remember that they should be cleaned from time to time. We have to take care that dust does not accumulate in such flowers.

Do not plant on the steps

The most used place in the house is the stairs of a house. People place ornamental plants and flowers in its ornate corner. If you use artificial plants to decorate the steps of the house, you should not do this. According to Vastu, such trees and shrubs in the stairs only generate negative energy and hinder the progress of the members of the household.

Which direction will you put these flowers?

If you are going to keep artificial flowers in the house, the direction of Asha plants is also important. If these plants are placed in the wrong direction, structural defects are formed. You can decorate such flowers on the west and east side of the house.

Avoid such plants

According to Vastushastra, whether it is natural or avoid planting artificial thorns in the house, such trees bring negativity in the house. According to the rules of architecture, real plants or flowers are always better than artificial plants or flowers in the house. Such plants bring positivity into the home.

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