Valentine's Day 2023 Jyotish Upay: Everyone desires true love. But even after trying many times, one is not able to meet the desired partner. In such a situation, the weak position of the planets can also be a reason for this. It is said in astrology that the planet Venus represents love. That's why a person who has strong Venus in his horoscope finds it easy to find true love and if it doesn't happen then he can face many failures.

Valentine's week is going to start on 7th February. In such a situation, those people who want to achieve success in the field of love must follow some measures mentioned in astrology. It is believed that by following these measures, the native gets benefits. This remedy also has a positive effect on family relations, relations between brothers and sisters, friends, and husband and wife. Let's know-

Remedies to strengthen the planet Venus in the horoscope
Chant 'Om Dran Drin Draun S: Shukray Namah' mantra 108 times by wearing white clothes to please Venus. Doing this remedy on Friday gives more benefits.

To strengthen Shukra Dev, eat food containing sugar, rice, milk-curd, or ghee.

It is told in the scriptures that many problems go away by donating. Therefore, to please Shukra Dev, donate white clothes, rice, ghee, sugar, ghee, sugar candy, curd, etc.

According to astrology, to strengthen the planet Venus, offer white flowers to Lord Shiva on Friday and worship Mahadev.