Uric Acid Control Diet: High uric acid in the body is a dangerous condition. When uric acid is high, the problem of pain in the joints and bones is extremely troubling, which causes arthritis. Osteoporosis is also a problem due to high uric acid. Uric acid levels can rise rapidly if you eat certain purine-rich foods in your diet, such as all types of wine and beer, some fish, seafood, and shellfish, including anchovies, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops, and trout.

According to Ayurvedic expert Dr Bhushan, uric acid is a toxin produced in the body that needs to be removed from the body. When the kidney is unable to remove uric acid from the body, it starts accumulating in the form of crystals in the joints, causing a condition called hyperuricemia, which causes gout. It has been revealed in many research that high uric acid is also related to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver. When uric acid increases, it starts accumulating in the form of crystals in the joints. If you also want to control the increased uric acid, then eat some special foods in your diet. Some fruits and vegetables are effective in controlling uric acid rapidly. Let us know how to control uric acid through diet.

Consume oranges, uric acid will remain under control: (Consume oranges uric acid will remain under control)
Orange rich in Vitamin C strengthens immunity and also controls uric acid. Oranges are rich in vitamin E, folate and potassium, which are effective in flushing out toxins from the body. Uric acid control remains by consuming it.

Eat a banana, and uric acid control will remain: (bananas can control uric acid)
Bananas are a fruit that has very low levels of purine and high levels of vitamin C. Consuming bananas in the problem of gout has an effect like medicine. Banana is low in purine which reduces the amount of uric acid in the blood.

Control uric acid with papaya: (Control uric acid with papaya)
People who have high uric acid should consume papaya. Papaya is a fruit available throughout the year, which is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Raw papaya contains vitamins A, C, B, magnesium and potassium, which keep the body healthy and control uric acid. People who have high uric acid should consume these fruits.

Uric acid will remain under control if you consume Bathu: (Consume bathua)
Bathu is a green found in winter, by consuming which easily melts the crystals of uric acid and comes out of the body through urine. Vitamin and mineral elements are high in Bathua. Bathua rich in iron, phosphorus and vitamins A and D is useful for health and also controls uric acid.