Almost everyone wants that he should do some work in which he can earn a lot. For this, where on the one hand people invest in various schemes, on the other hand, many people also work on many business ideas. There is no doubt that you can earn well by doing your own business. Like- If you want, you can earn a lot by planting some trees. Although you have to wait for a few years after planting these trees, after that, you can earn well by selling the wood of these trees. So let's know which are these trees, by planting which you can earn a bumper...

These are the trees, which can be a source of bumper income: -
Mahogany tree

You can plant mahogany trees to earn. The wood of this tree lasts for a long time and even water does not affect its wood. For this reason, the demand for wood for this tree is high in the market. At present, the price of mahogany tree wood ranges from about Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500 per kg.

Sandalwood tree
A good income can be earned by planting sandalwood trees. However, it takes time to get ready after planting this tree, but when this tree is ready, then the wood of this tree can be sold in the market for 2 to 5 lakh rupees.

There is a lot of demand for sandalwood in the market, due to which its price is also very high. If you plant about 600 sandalwood trees in one hectare, you can easily earn crores of rupees by selling their wood.

Teak tree
You can earn well by planting a teak tree. The wood of this tree is considered very strong, due to which there is a demand for the wood of this tree and it is also used in construction works. In such a situation, after getting ready, talk according to the thickness and length of each tree, then the cost of a tree can be 25 to 40 thousand rupees or even more.

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