Curry leaves are mostly used in South Indian food. Curry leaves are beneficial for health and hair. Nowadays hair starts breaking quickly. Not only this but due to not taking proper care of the hair, even the shine of the hair is lost. You can use curry leaves to get rid of many hair-related problems. Let's know which problems and how to use curry leaves in hair.

For white hair

White hair, now even young children are becoming victims of this problem. If you use curry leaves in your hair, it can darken the hair to some extent.

What to do?

  • Put a handful of curry leaves in half a small cup of coconut oil in a small vessel.
  • Now leave it on the gas to cook for some time.
  • Turn off the gas after about 5 minutes.
  • Using this oil can cause black hair.

For hair fall

Most women struggle with the problem of hair fall no matter the season. This problem increases during the monsoon season because during this time there is moisture in the weather. To get rid of hair fall, you should use curry leaves instead of shampoo. Anti-oxidants are found in curry leaves, which prevent hair loss.

What to do?

  • For falling hair, put 4-5 leaves of curry leaves in 2 teaspoons of castor oil.
  • Now heat it.
  • When this oil cools down, massage your hair with this oil.
  • Leave the oil in the hair for about 1 hour, so that it gets absorbed well.

Finally, wash your hair with non-sulphate shampoo.

The scalp will remain healthy

It is very important to keep the scalp healthy. Due to a dirty scalp, not only infection and itching start but it also affects the growth of hair. For this, you can use curry leaves in your hair.

What to do?

  • First of all, wash a handful of curry leaves thoroughly.

  • Now grind them in the mixie.

  • Add two spoons of curd to the paste of curry leaves.
  • Apply this hair mask on the scalp.
  • When the mask dries, then wash the hair.
  • Using this mask 2-3 times a week will not cause itching on the scalp.

Other advantages

  • The use of curry leaves in the hair brings shine. For this, you have to mix curd and egg in curry leaves paste and applies it on the hair.
  • If your hair is not growing, then you will benefit from using curry leaves. Grind curry leaves, amla pulp and green fenugreek leaves and apply them to the hair.
  • Curry leaves will come in handy for deep conditioning the hair. For this, you have to add curry leaves paste, egg and a little coconut oil to the henna paste. Apply this paste to the hair and wash the hair after about half an hour.

Image Credit: Freepik