If you want to see the best glimpse of Indian culture, then travelling to Rajasthan is the best. Do you know that a fair is organized in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan with royal chic? This is famous as Jaisalmer Desert Festival. It is believed that this festive event will be organized by the State Tourism Department from February 3 to February 5 this year. Every year this fair starts in Jaisalmer just before Magh Purnima. By being a part of this event, you will get to know Rajasthani culture closer and better. Let us tell you some interesting things related to this…

Interesting things related to Jaisalmer Desert Festival
Jaisalmer is a sea of sand in India, but there are many such forts where the best glimpse of history is seen. The biggest objective of organizing the Jaisalmer festival is to attract not only the country but foreign tourists. Foreign travellers come to India in large numbers to be a part of this event.
Activities like Mr and Mrs Desert, Mustache Competition, Turban Dam, Camel Race and Fire Dance are organized in the event. This event is the best place for entertainment through adventure.

You can enjoy Rajasthani dance and desi food here at this festival. If you want to see the whole of Rajasthan in one place, then you must attend the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

If a camel ride is not done here, then the whole trip will be considered incomplete. By the way, you can also do other adventure activities like motor paragliding, and helicopter rides here.

This festival is organized in Sam dunes, about 42 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. It is believed that its history is linked to Lord Krishna and Pandava's son Arjuna. According to the announcement of Krishna ji, Raja Rawal Jeswal established his fort in Jaisalmer. Its history is believed to be from 1196.