Romantic Places In Bihar: If you take the name of a winter destination, then people, first of all, bring Shimla, Manali, and Mussoorie to mind... People imagine beauty as soon as they are named here. But do you know that there are many such beautiful places in Bihar? This is the place where you can plan to go with your partner this winter season. Believe me, after coming here you will forget Coorg, Munnar, Manali...The valleys here will take you in its lap...If you are too Newly married or if you want to spend some relaxing moments with your partner, then definitely visit these places in Bihar.

Rajgir- Rajgir in Bihar is a very beautiful and attractive tourist place, the greenery and charming views between the hills will win your heart. People come not only from local but also from abroad to visit Rajgir. This city, which includes Indian history along with the legacy of Lord Buddha, is the centre of attraction in the entire state. If you come to visit here, you will not even realize for a few minutes that you are in Rajgir, its lush green valleys will give you the feeling of Coorg and Munnar, but you will like this place more than there. Apart from this, if you want to see an example of beauty, then see the sky bridge of Rajgir. It has been made on the lines of China and it is very beautiful. If you want to do adventures with your partner, then you must walk on the Skywalk Bridge, apart from this, if you want to spend some moments of relaxation with your partner, then there are many such places like Garam Kund, Ajatshatru Fort, Pandu Pokhara, Mrig Vihar, Son Bhandar. You can also visit the cave.

Plan a trip to rotas
If you want to see more beauty of Bihar then you must visit Rohtas. Newly married or want to take your partner to some special and beautiful place, then definitely come here, there is more than one scenic spot here. Kaimur's hills, forts, and beautiful waterfalls will surely fascinate you. While going to the hills of Kaimur, you will be stunned to see the view of the jungle, rivers and beautiful, you will feel as if you have come to a hill station for a vacation.

Here you can also plan to visit Rohtasgarh fort, rather every couple should go here. This is a very thrilling place. Wherever you look, you will see greenery everywhere. You can also plan a picnic here.

Sasaram is 15 kilometres away from Rohtas and here is the tomb of Sher Shah Suri. This is a wonderful specimen of Mughal architecture. The tomb is surrounded by water which makes it very beautiful. Surely you will be mesmerized by watching the rising or setting of the sun here with your partner.

Visit Sitamarhi
Sitamarhi is such a place in Bihar that everyone is aware of. It is said that Sita was born here, and because of this the place is named Sitamarhi. There are many major places in Sitamarhi like Janaki Sthan Temple, Haleshwar Sthan, and Baghi Math where you can go for a walk with your partner. You can also reach here by train, bus or by air. You can easily reach here by taking a local train from Sitamarhi railway station.

Valmiki Tiger Reserve
Valmiki Tiger Reserve is one of the most prominent tiger reserves in India, it is spread over an area of 880 square kilometres near the Indo-Nepal border in the West Champaran district. If you come here, you will go amidst the beauty of nature, the greenery here will fascinate you. Will take