Smartphone plays the role of your travel companion. He becomes the guide, the ATM, the photographer... and also the companion. But by using a smartphone, you will also show yourself to be a good tourist and a good citizen. Also, try not to make your smartphone the target of travel. To enjoy both the joy of travel and the companionship of your smartphone, keep a few things in mind:

Enjoy the place
When we go on a trip, take interest in seeing the new place and knowing the people there. The smartphone will always be with you. You can check it any time. If you are not connected for 24 hours then no mountain will break. But if you don't enjoy the place you are in, then your outing will be in vain. Don't try to live every single moment of your life. Step outside the confines of the internet and social networking and enjoy what is in front of you.

Enjoy wandering
Don't waste your time finding your way and gathering facts by turning on GPS everywhere. Take the help of local people to find your way and you can find the facts even when you return. For now, enjoy the present. Leave the smartphone lying in the purse or pocket or bag for some time.

Follow directions
In many places taking photographs is prohibited by law. Demonstrate being a good citizen and a good tourist by following those rules. There are also instructions to keep phones off at some religious or historical places. If instructed to switch off the phone, keep the phone switched off. It's not that you put it on silent, who would know?