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We all know very well that Bihar is a state from where the capital of Delhi is affected. You can answer this, but do you know that apart from this, many other foods are also available in Bihar which taste amazing? Apart from Litti Chokha, you can enjoy many other street foods here, let us tell you through this article about the most famous and delicious foods of Bihar, which you must taste during your trip to Bihar. Let's know -

* Chandrakala :

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Let us tell you that Chandrakala is considered to be the most popular sweet of Bihar and it is very similar to Gujiya, a sweet made in UP or Delhi. Khoya, cardamom powder, coconut, dry fruits, and sugar syrup are used to make it.

* Reshmi Kebab:

If you also consume non-veg, then you must taste the reshmi kebab found here in Bihar, let us tell you that the smoky flavor given to the sweetness in it works to make it more delicious.

* Chana Ghugni:

Photo Credit: Archana's Kitchen

Let us tell you that Chana Ghugni is one of the most favorite local food of Bihar. This food is easily available everywhere from roads to trains or not. Gram, onion, and spices are used to prepare it. Let us tell you that this gram ghugni is delicious as well as full of nutrients.

* Sattu syrup:

The name of Sattu is also included in the list of most-eaten foods in Bihar. Its consumption in the summer season is very beneficial for our body, if you are also going to visit Bihar during the summer holidays, then you must go here and consume the sherbet made from sattu. You are going to like its taste very much. Let us tell you that Sattu's Sharbat is included in the most favorite food list of Bihar.