The security of the country has always been a big issue. There are many agencies for the security of any country. Today we are going to tell you about these agencies in detail. Along with this, we are also going to tell how and what these agencies work.

Research and Analysis Wing

RAW is headquartered in New Delhi and its director is Samant Goel. Who is an IPS officer of Punjab Cadre. It was formed in 1968. RAW is considered one of the best intelligence agencies in the world.

Intelligence Bureau

Intelligence Bureau is an intelligence agency of our country which monitors the internal affairs of the country. The Intelligence Bureau was formed in the year 1887 by an executive order of the government and was reconstituted in 1947. Intelligence Bureau is a very old agency in the country.

National Technical Research Organization

The National Technical Research Organization was formed in the year 2004. Its work is quite different from the rest of the agency. It provides intelligence to other agencies. Because of this agency, in the year 2014, it helped in blowing up the Pakistani ship.

Defense Intelligence Agency

It helps in collecting intelligence from the country and abroad. It was formed in 2002.

Directorate of revenue intelligence

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence is an Indian intelligence agency which keeps an eye on things like the smuggling of many items including drugs, gold, diamonds, electronics, foreign currency and fake Indian currency? It is a premier anti-smuggling intelligence agency in India.

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