Most people like to eat tomatoes. But some fruits and vegetables are beneficial for our health, but consuming them in excess can spoil your health. Tomato also comes in these. Yes, excessive consumption of tomatoes can spoil your health. This is because tomatoes contain many nutrients like anti-oxidants, vitamins, and potassium which are beneficial for health but they are also harmful to your health. Let us tell you here what are the disadvantages of consuming too much tomato.

Disadvantages to the health of eating tomatoes-
Acidity problem

Tomatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin-C. That's why tomato is acidic. That's why consuming it in excess can cause acidity problems. Therefore, excessive consumption of tomatoes should be avoided.

Gas problem
People with a gas problem should avoid consuming tomatoes because tomatoes can cause gas formation in the stomach. Therefore, to avoid the problem of gas, one should avoid consuming tomatoes.

Stone problem
Stone patients should not consume tomatoes even by mistake. This is because the problem of stones can increase due to tomato seeds. On the other hand, even if you consume tomatoes, separate the tomato seeds first.

If you consume too much tomato, then you may have a problem with heartburn. This is because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which can cause gas problems, which can cause problems like heartburn. Therefore, be careful if you consume tomatoes in excess.