Navratri comes twice a year. First ChaitraNavratri and then SharadiyaNavratri. This time ChaitraNavratri will last from 9th April to 17th April. During these days, forms of MaaDurga are worshipped. Some people keep the fast in the beginning and some at the end, although some people fast for the entire 9 days. To ensure that fasting for a long time does not affect your health, it is important to take full care of your health. We have brought some tips for you, by following which you can keep the fast while remaining healthy.

Those fasting for 9 days during Navratri should follow these tips

  • Keep yourself as hydrated as possible during the fast. This will not cause weakness and fatigue. For this, you can drink lemon water from time to time. Apart from this, you can also drink fruit juice or coconut water. Try to drink 2 to 3 liters of water at least during the day, this will keep you healthy for the whole 9 days.
  • During fasting, you have the option of eating very limited things. In such a situation, you should eat dry fruits for strength and agility. Nuts contain many types of nutrients which benefit the body. It contains fiber which does not make you feel hungry.

  • Even if you are not eating regular food items during the fast, it is important to have a balanced diet. In the morning you should consume fruit juice, fruits or nuts and in the evening you should consume fasting vegetables, rice etc. This will give you energy.
  • Be sure to include fiber-rich diet many people suffer from constipation during fasting, and in such a situation fibre-rich food can help keep your digestion healthy. For this, you should save fruits like bananas and papaya.

  • During fasting, people often feel like eating well, in such a situation people start eating whole parathas made of buckwheat flour, but eating excessive fried food can cause problems related to bloating and digestion. In such a situation, instead of fried food, include bottled gourd vegetables, sago khichdi etc. in your diet.

image credit-Freepik