In the winter season, the hair becomes very frizzy, in such a situation, many times the hair starts getting tangled and also starts breaking. In such a situation, the health of the hair is not only damaged, but also it is not easy to untangle the tangled hair. In such a situation, you must keep the hair untied.

However, some people's hair gets tangled excessively and then the problem of hair fall starts. If you want the hair to be less tangled and broken, then for this you should try some home remedies before and after washing the hair.

Apply oil

Before washing the hair, you must massage them with oil. For this, you should use coconut oil because it also helps in detangling the hair and this oil gets removed quickly after washing the hair. By applying this oil, thickness also comes into your hair and then your hair is less tangled.

After washing hair

Make sure to condition your hair after washing it. Not only this, but you must also use the serum in wet hair after washing your hair. This also makes your hair smooth and does not break when combed. Keep in minds that do not comb the hair when it is wet. By doing this they become weak and start breaking.

Using heating tools on hair

If your hair is very thin, then you should reduce the use of heating tools in the hair. Especially in the winter season, when the hair becomes very dry, then it gets tangled even more when heating tools are used on them. If you are also using heating tools, then definitely use a heat protector.

Use of rose water in the hair

If your hair is very dry, then you should comb your hair using rose water. By doing this, the dryness of the hair is reduced and the hair gets resolved quickly.


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