Relationship tips: People find true love very difficult. On the other hand, some people have a crush at some point in their life. In such a situation, people adopt different ways to make their crush happy. But some ways to impress a crush can prove to be harmful to you. In such a situation, if you like someone, then it is better to avoid some things to impress them.

After liking someone, most people also start noticing the likes and dislikes of the crush. However, in the struggle to impress the crush, people often ignore some things. Which can have a bad effect on both your personality and relationship. So let's know which mistakes should not be repeated even by mistake to make the crush happy.

Avoid Behavior Change
Many times people change many of their habits to impress their crush. For example, some people follow everything according to their choice of crush, from food to hobbies and dressing sense. However, there is no place for showing off true love. At the same time, your likes and dislikes may be different from those of your crush. In such a situation, there is no need to change habits to get true love.

Do not avoid friends
After liking someone, people like to spend most of their time with a crush. In such a situation, many people put their friends on the sideline. But years old friendship is more special than a new relationship. In such a situation, do not leave the company of friends to impress the crush. At the same time, spend some time with friends during the day.

Do not compromise with your favorite styling
Some people compromise on their favorite dress and styling to impress their crush. In such a situation, you can make her happy by following her favorite style. But by doing this you lose your personality. Therefore, to make the relationship strong, learn to accept each other with their original personality.

Don't agree with everything
To please the crush, people often do not even miss saying yes to their crush. In such a situation, by supporting the crush even in the wrong things, your relationship does not last long. On the other hand, Crush also gets into the habit of hearing your yes in everything, and even if you want to, you are not able to object to anything in front of Crush.